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Erogenous zones for male and female

Erogenous zones tantric massage

When you want to have good quality relationship it is important to have good balance between both parts: on the one side there is spiritual relationship which bond couple through emotional connection, having nice talk, caring about each other, having mutual interests. And the second part is physical relationship that bonds through physical body contact while having sex with your partner. It is significant part of the couples life and it is important to find out and discuss what turns your partner on. It helps to have happy, mutually fulfilling intimacy bond during the sexual encounter.


Of course male and female bodies are different but there are several erogenous zones that are sensitive for both of them on the same places, then when you know which part is sensitive on your own body you can stimulate sensually arousing it to give your partner pleasure as well. Lets explore which parts is good option to stimulate for Him and for Her:


Both men and women rank highly the mouth and thong. They admit that feeling their partner’s mouth and thong while kissing, as well caressing with fingers on the lips is one of most pleasurable sexual experience. Many sexologist advices include kissing, as it is a core in building love and trust in a relationship besides the sexual pleasurable benefit.


Second high scoring favorite erogenous place is the ears and the area around them. After feeling warm breath next to your ear and lick of the thong while gently sucking at your earlobe you will start to experience the euphoric high that will drive both woman and man wild. Going down the ear is the neck that is high pleasure center and requires same sensual attention, it awakes excitement just by caressing gently with fingers or giving small kisses, giving most pleasurable delight.


Additional erogenous zone are the nipples. It has many nerve connections that are susceptible for overwhelming sensations and immediate arousal. Caressing, kissing and even little bit in the nipples is extremely pleasurable for both.


And the most erogenous place is located at intimate part like genital area. Woman will be wild from excitement when is her clitoris stimulated especially when it is wet from own secretion or from thong licking. In man is equivalent the penis, so called lingam. Our masseuses are specialised in tantric lingam massage stimulation that will bring every man to his ultimate arousal and volcanic orgasm explosion. If you are looking for Erotic massage outcall in Paris city at your hotel give us a call, beautiful masseuse can be within half hour at your doorstep discreetly dressed but very passionate behind the closed doors. Even in late evening till 2AM you can have great tantric massage and have wonderful sleep feeling completely at bliss.