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How to Make Your Orgasm Stronger

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This topic probably interest many people as orgasm is one of important requirements our body needs to feel good and alive. When we deprive our body from regular orgasm release we become grumpy, feel that our thoughts are becoming clouded difficult to concentrate and even physically we become unwell and sort of drying from inside out. We need it on regular basic like food or water and what if we can even make sexual orgasm stronger? It would be so nice to experience the ecstatic state of sexual excitement that last longer and release is more powerful. Ancient Hindu were looking for ages in this sacred body pleasure how to increase, they developed camasutra sensual poses and later came Tantric massage technique the combination with therapeutic pleasure of body relaxation during massage that leads to gradual foreplay – feel the breast of beautiful girl gliding over your back, feel her entire body on top of you breathing in your ear, her gentle hands playing with your hair, gliding down and squeezing your buttocks and then bigger excitement continues when you turn face up. You will feel the sexual arousal during erotic touches, kisses and body to body massage and at high sexual excitement peak it is important postpone the release… The key to hold back is breathing deep and steady to calm down. Breathing relaxes your entire body and mind, allowing you to prolong and enjoy every moment more bright and vivid. Some men shared with Tantric masseuse their secret: when it is really hard to stop they even think about something sad to put their thoughts away from too much of excitement. It might sound strange but everyone is different and each has his own way what works for him. Well-trained and experienced Tantra masseuse knows very well at which point to stop and move on different part of the body to distract the excitement. When done it well and keeping sexual arousals and excitements up and letting it go till it is difficult to hold then the orgasm will be such a strong release you should feel pleasure waves radiating through all your body and keep shaking from pleasure. After it comes feeling of calmness and bliss, your whole body is alive and satiated with pleasure, mind is clear and bright.


To summarise:


  • let your body first to relax and receive light sensual foreplay…
  • when it comes to high erotic excitement during the sexual arousal start to breath deep and postpone the release…
  • the longer you refrain from letting orgasm go, the most the eventual explosion of pleasure it will be.


When you are the beginner try holding back once for a start, and work your way up to true mastery of your sensations over time. You can call us  +33 970 440 269 to arrange erotic massage outcall session with one of our beautiful Tantric massage goddess to experience it by yourself. We cover the full Paris city and masseuse can arrive discretely at your place within 40 minutes.