Available daily, 13:00 till 02:00

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about our service please start by reading our Frequently Asked Questions. You’ll find that most questions are already answered below.

What kind of masseuse may I expect?
An open minded friendly female, elegant in appearance and an experienced masseuse who perfectly understands your needs and who is dedicated to making your experience completely fulfilling.

How discreet is your masseuse?
Our masseuses dress elegantly in a style which will not draw undue attention and are discreet when entering the hotel. So, do not worry. Just relax and experience the sensations of sensual touch and enjoy a massage.

Do you accept foreign currency/creditcards?
NO. At the moment we only accept cash payments. It is simple and discreet.
YES. We accept EURO, BRITISH POUND and US DOLLAR. You can inquire for further details with our phone operator.

Is cancellation possible after masseuse arrives?
YES. Within the first 10 minutes of the masseuse arrival, although it is unlikely to happen. Kindly note that small fee of €100 will apply,
because the masseuse took time to come to you and missed other booking.

Can a booking time be changed?
YES. Please notify our call operator at least ONE HOUR prior to your booking to avoid a cancelation fee of €100

Are pictures of the masseuses available?
No. The service we offer is based on reliance. All our masseuses are very attractive and charming. Remember that it is also in our interest to have your repeat business. Additionally our masseuses like discretion too.

How much is the average taxi fare?
The taxi fare depends on your location. Usually a ROUNDTRIP taxi fare for a journey within a city is €40. Airport areas are farther from the city, therefore the taxi fare costs are slightly more.

Is it necessary to tip the masseuse?
No. Tips are not necessary. However, if you think that your masseuse provided an
outstanding massage, feel free to express thanks.

Can the customer touch the masseuses?
No. Every sensual massage in our collection is designed for you to remain PASSIVE, RECEIVE and ENJOY.
Being passive and receiving allows maximum pleasure, because you’ll have time to observe sensations in a fresh and unhurried manner.
Let go of your stress and enjoy every touch. You will achieve total relaxation.

Do you provide additional services than a massage?
No. We are not an escort service. All our massages are for the purpose of sensual relaxation.
Our masseuses do NOT perform any sexual services and please refrain from asking.

Can massage be extended?
YES. Please let us know within 10 minutes of your masseuse arriving.