Available daily, 13:00 till 02:00

Massages & rates

Please read this first

  • Additional taxi fare €40 in Paris city and to CDG or Orly airport €80-€120
  • Fees must be paid prior to the massage.
  • We only accept cash payment.
  • We recommend short notice booking to make by telephone. Minimum notice 1 hour.
  • Our masseuses use only high quality organic scent-free oil and body glide, to provide your skin the best anti-allergic products.
  • Masseuse is dressed fashionably casual when she enters hotel to visit you, we highly respect your privacy and discretion.

 *** Great pleasure massage ***

1 hour €220

“Follow an invitation to abandon your thoughts and enter your body senses”

Great pleasure massage is starting with relaxation anti-stress massage, gently massaging your head and with fluent movements, gradually working down your body, firmly massaging your neck, shoulders and back. Giving gentle pressure to your buttocks and smoothly gliding down your legs and finishing with wonderful foot reflexology massage. The masseuse will then gradually increase the excitement by gently gliding onto you with body-to-body massage and then turning you face up. Following with sensual movements and intensely erotic stimulation by using tantric touches, she finalizes for irresistible culmination. Just surrender yourself and enjoy this delicious sensual experience.

*** Ultimate Relaxation Massage  ***

1,5 hour €300

“Turn off your phone and focus only on your pleasure for the next one and half hour”.

Ultimate relaxation massage is started with delicate long stroke Californian massage that has several benefits:
-Stress relief due to its long, slow, fluid strokes, improved mental and physical health,
-Relaxation thanks to the longer time as well as the warm oils that are used.
-Improved circulation like in many other massages.

Starting with light massage to the back to reach ultimate relaxation, following with full-length harder body strokes. As the strokes become deeper, the masseuse can then indentify tense parts of the body and then focus on relieving those tensions. After finishing with a wonderful foot massage, the masseuse then will start to excite you by light caressing touches and body-to-body moves and then will turn you face up. With sensual movements and intensely erotic stimulation by using tantric touches she finalizes for irresistible culmination. After intense and ecstatic excitement masseuse will give you frontal full body massage for complete relaxation. Let yourself be pampered with this heavenly experience.

***  Divine ecstasy massage  ***

2 hours €390

When you have two hours to spare you’ll be inspired by a gorgeous masseuse to let you focus on full body sensations, gently bringing your mind back to your body in complete relaxation. You can choose to start by sharing a warm bath, to feel your muscles relaxing from warm water that the masseuse pours gently over your body. It is nice way to feel refreshed and energized as a perfect start the massage session. The masseuse will apply oil over your smooth skin. She begins by lathering your back, slips her oily hands over your buttocks. Explore how this sensation feels on your body. Following this your masseusse will perform full body massage, during which the masseuse lies on top of you and slides up and down your whole back body with her body. Then
she will explore the front of your whole body with slow sensual touch. She will use different strokes, rhythums and pressure so you remain in a prolonged orgasmic realm. The vibration through her fingers will feel marvellous. By using tantric touches she finalizes for irresistible culmination.
If there is still some time remaining, you can choose to end the session with a gentle face caress and a head massage or shoulder and back massage. Let yourself surrender into deep pleasure and peace.

***Intimate couple love massage ***


1,5 hour €440

When you visit romantic city like Paris, city of love and lights indulge yourself in intimate couple massage. Erotic massage in front of your partner is the hot way to transform old inhibited routines into new freedom and bliss. This new, sexy attitude towards increasing pleasure to new heights is becoming more and more popular, giving a renewed sparkle in your life. The masseuse will simultaneously work both with you and your partner. Erotic massage will elevate your pleasure ceiling. If you experience boredom and routine in your life, let this massage bring more pleasure and fun into your life. Gaze into your lover’s eyes and notice how erotic energy softens the face. Both you and Your partner deserve some luxury time to receive a sensual body massage, to pamper, to relax. Savour yourselves with the pleasure of sharing the sensual intimacy.

*** Irresistible 4 handed massage ***

1 hour €440

“Allow your stress and troubles to drift away and tune in to your ultimate sensations.”

Four hands massage is done by 2 masseuses simultaneously the dream fantasy that every man should try it at least once.  It is a highly intense and pleasurable massage, creating high ecstatic state of pure bliss . Feel the heat of four hands stroking from head to foot in a long, continuous path down each side of the body, letting one stroke lead into another in a continuous fluid movement. Enjoy first a massage to your back and then front sides with erotic play. Let masseuses luxuriate over you for an hour of teasing, touching and erotic energy to produce a prolonged orgasmic realm mapping of the bodies pleasure zones. Our passionate masseuses will make you feel both totally relaxed and sexually energised at the same time.