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Premium erotic and tantric massages in Paris.

YinYang Massage Paris team of experienced beautiful masseuses offers outcall full body massage following with sensual tantric massage mixture for business travellers or persons who need to ease their stress away after long meetings, uncomfortable sitting behind pc or jetlag. A tantra bodywork in Paris will make you feel alive, refreshed and satisfied. You can enjoy anything from a full-body massage in Paris to Californian massage, foot massages and the most erotic naturist massage session you have ever experienced. Each sensual massage is tailored to your wishes and desires.

Experienced and sensual masseuses

Our masseuses are trained and experienced in the art of sensuality making your whole body feel better then it ever has. Just call us to arrange a sensual massage and a tranta massage session. Discreetly at your hotel or home. Also short notice appointments can be arranged so that your masseuse will arrive within 30 min or an hour at your door. We cover the full Paris area including the Charles de Gaulle and Orly airport areas.

Kind note: The payment is strictly for the massage service. Even if the massage is an intensely erotic, sensual experience our masseuse will not perform any sexual services.


Massages & rates

Please read this first

  • Additional taxi fare €40 in Paris city and to CDG or Orly airport €80-€120
  • Fees must be paid prior to the massage.
  • We only accept cash payment.
  • We recommend short notice booking to make by telephone. Minimum notice 1 hour.
  • Our masseuses use only high quality organic scent-free oil and body glide, to provide your skin the best anti-allergic products.
  • Masseuse is dressed fashionably casual when she enters hotel to visit you, we highly respect your privacy and discretion.

 *** Great pleasure massage ***

1 hour €220

“Follow an invitation to abandon your thoughts and enter your body senses”

Great pleasure massage is starting with relaxation anti-stress massage, gently massaging your head and with fluent movements, gradually working down your body, firmly massaging your neck, shoulders and back. Giving gentle pressure to your buttocks and smoothly gliding down your legs and finishing with wonderful foot reflexology massage. The masseuse will then gradually increase the excitement by gently gliding onto you with body-to-body massage and then turning you face up. Following with sensual movements and intensely erotic stimulation by using tantric touches, she finalizes for irresistible culmination. Just surrender yourself and enjoy this delicious sensual experience.

*** Ultimate Relaxation Massage  ***

1,5 hour €300

“Turn off your phone and focus only on your pleasure for the next one and half hour”.

Ultimate relaxation massage is started with delicate long stroke Californian massage that has several benefits:
-Stress relief due to its long, slow, fluid strokes, improved mental and physical health,
-Relaxation thanks to the longer time as well as the warm oils that are used.
-Improved circulation like in many other massages.

Starting with light massage to the back to reach ultimate relaxation, following with full-length harder body strokes. As the strokes become deeper, the masseuse can then indentify tense parts of the body and then focus on relieving those tensions. After finishing with a wonderful foot massage, the masseuse then will start to excite you by light caressing touches and body-to-body moves and then will turn you face up. With sensual movements and intensely erotic stimulation by using tantric touches she finalizes for irresistible culmination. After intense and ecstatic excitement masseuse will give you frontal full body massage for complete relaxation. Let yourself be pampered with this heavenly experience.

***  Divine ecstasy massage  ***

2 hours €390

When you have two hours to spare you’ll be inspired by a gorgeous masseuse to let you focus on full body sensations, gently bringing your mind back to your body in complete relaxation. You can choose to start by sharing a warm bath, to feel your muscles relaxing from warm water that the masseuse pours gently over your body. It is nice way to feel refreshed and energized as a perfect start the massage session. The masseuse will apply oil over your smooth skin. She begins by lathering your back, slips her oily hands over your buttocks. Explore how this sensation feels on your body. Following this your masseusse will perform full body massage, during which the masseuse lies on top of you and slides up and down your whole back body with her body. Then
she will explore the front of your whole body with slow sensual touch. She will use different strokes, rhythums and pressure so you remain in a prolonged orgasmic realm. The vibration through her fingers will feel marvellous. By using tantric touches she finalizes for irresistible culmination.
If there is still some time remaining, you can choose to end the session with a gentle face caress and a head massage or shoulder and back massage. Let yourself surrender into deep pleasure and peace.

***Intimate couple love massage ***


1,5 hour €440

When you visit romantic city like Paris, city of love and lights indulge yourself in intimate couple massage. Erotic massage in front of your partner is the hot way to transform old inhibited routines into new freedom and bliss. This new, sexy attitude towards increasing pleasure to new heights is becoming more and more popular, giving a renewed sparkle in your life. The masseuse will simultaneously work both with you and your partner. Erotic massage will elevate your pleasure ceiling. If you experience boredom and routine in your life, let this massage bring more pleasure and fun into your life. Gaze into your lover’s eyes and notice how erotic energy softens the face. Both you and Your partner deserve some luxury time to receive a sensual body massage, to pamper, to relax. Savour yourselves with the pleasure of sharing the sensual intimacy.

*** Irresistible 4 handed massage ***

1 hour €440

“Allow your stress and troubles to drift away and tune in to your ultimate sensations.”

Four hands massage is done by 2 masseuses simultaneously the dream fantasy that every man should try it at least once.  It is a highly intense and pleasurable massage, creating high ecstatic state of pure bliss . Feel the heat of four hands stroking from head to foot in a long, continuous path down each side of the body, letting one stroke lead into another in a continuous fluid movement. Enjoy first a massage to your back and then front sides with erotic play. Let masseuses luxuriate over you for an hour of teasing, touching and erotic energy to produce a prolonged orgasmic realm mapping of the bodies pleasure zones. Our passionate masseuses will make you feel both totally relaxed and sexually energised at the same time.


Our masseuses are well trained, skilled, charming females between 20 and 35. Mainly white Caucasians. They are selected for great looks, massage skills and friendly personality. Each masseuse has her own individual style and her own way of performing her massage session, nevertheless they are all dedicated to provide an unforgettable erotic massage experience that will take away all of your stress of busy life. Our agency selects very carefully our staff ability of giving professional massage, sensuality, great looks and easy going personality.

We only keep masseuses with positive feedback for their massage: your are guaranteed to have an unforgettable massage session.

There is no need to be lonely tonight when a beautiful masseuse is waiting to give you a wonderful mixture of sensual massage and tantrique massage in Paris. Close your eyes, let go of the stress and feel the warm hands of your masseuse working on your body…

A tantra massage in Paris will be an experience that you will never forget.

Our policy

Each of our masseuses is intended to provide a high quality service;
nevertheless note that your experience will vary depending on the expertise
and the personality of each masseuse.

What you need to do before the massage session:
make the room temperature warm that you and masseuse will feel comfortable,
take a shower before a massage,
make sure to have few towels ready and just relax.

Our masseuse will set up intimate romantic atmospher with her own soft music, candle and will dim the lights so you can surrender for receiving sensual massage and your mind can focus on the sensation in the present moment.

Masseuse should be given the opportunity of taking a shower after the sesion.

Our staff retain the right to refuse any client whose intention and
behaviour are not in keeping with our views and policies.
Thanks for understanding.

Contact us

Please call us on the phone number

+33(0) 970 440 269

  • Reservations are available from 1 PM till 2 AM Monday through Sunday.
  • Please call us on the above phone number to set up an appointment with one of our masseuses.
  • Additionally, you can use the form below to email us directly.
  • Although one hour notice is usually sufficient, longer notice is always welcome.
  • In case our lines are busy, please leave a voicemail with your name and phone number and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about our service please start by reading our Frequently Asked Questions. You’ll find that most questions are already answered below.

What kind of masseuse may I expect?
An open minded friendly female, elegant in appearance and an experienced masseuse who perfectly understands your needs and who is dedicated to making your experience completely fulfilling.

How discreet is your masseuse?
Our masseuses dress elegantly in a style which will not draw undue attention and are discreet when entering the hotel. So, do not worry. Just relax and experience the sensations of sensual touch and enjoy a massage.

Do you accept foreign currency/creditcards?
NO. At the moment we only accept cash payments. It is simple and discreet.
YES. We accept EURO, BRITISH POUND and US DOLLAR. You can inquire for further details with our phone operator.

Is cancellation possible after masseuse arrives?
YES. Within the first 10 minutes of the masseuse arrival, although it is unlikely to happen. Kindly note that small fee of €100 will apply,
because the masseuse took time to come to you and missed other booking.

Can a booking time be changed?
YES. Please notify our call operator at least ONE HOUR prior to your booking to avoid a cancelation fee of €100

Are pictures of the masseuses available?
No. The service we offer is based on reliance. All our masseuses are very attractive and charming. Remember that it is also in our interest to have your repeat business. Additionally our masseuses like discretion too.

How much is the average taxi fare?
The taxi fare depends on your location. Usually a ROUNDTRIP taxi fare for a journey within a city is €40. Airport areas are farther from the city, therefore the taxi fare costs are slightly more.

Is it necessary to tip the masseuse?
No. Tips are not necessary. However, if you think that your masseuse provided an
outstanding massage, feel free to express thanks.

Can the customer touch the masseuses?
No. Every sensual massage in our collection is designed for you to remain PASSIVE, RECEIVE and ENJOY.
Being passive and receiving allows maximum pleasure, because you’ll have time to observe sensations in a fresh and unhurried manner.
Let go of your stress and enjoy every touch. You will achieve total relaxation.

Do you provide additional services than a massage?
No. We are not an escort service. All our massages are for the purpose of sensual relaxation.
Our masseuses do NOT perform any sexual services and please refrain from asking.

Can massage be extended?
YES. Please let us know within 10 minutes of your masseuse arriving.


Are you an open minded, motivated, experienced or certified masseuse  between the age of 20-35 living
in Paris? Then you are welcome to apply to join our team for either part or full time work as a masseuse.

The conditions that we offer are very good. This job is safe, no sex, discreet and well paid. Most bookings are in the evening it is easy to work for students or ladies who have day time job.
Also you can work with us part time and have flexible time.
Our customers are well mannered gentlemen, mostly business travellers staying in major hotels in Paris city. They like to relax and de-stress in the privacy of their hotel room.

We also provide  full training if you do not have experience of sensual or Tantric massage. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you lack experience – you may still apply.

Contact us for an interview.

sensual massage Paris outcall

At Yinyang Massage Paris – you can find the most sensual massage in Paris outcall that is offered. If you are thinking where can you experience the most sensuous, stimulating and the same time relaxing experience in Paris? Where would you find not only beautiful, sensual but also properly trained masseuse? Where would you find the outstanding service that matches up truly sensual massage, discreet and professional as you would prefer? The answer is anywhere you prefer as with Yinyang Massage Paris our masseuses travel directly to your place and you can receive different tantric sensuous style massages. With our years of experience, we provide with best relaxation massage service done by gorgeous massage girls in Paris. We apply the true traditions of Tantra from ancient Indian ritual. This is new concept that is becoming more and more popular in Europe combining full body relaxation massage with sensual tantra ritual techniques that has unique concept of splendour relaxation suited for men and couples. Yinyang massage Paris represents beauty , sensuality as well as 5***** service that delivers the best sensual relaxing massage experience in Paris.


By having sensual B2B massage you will receive marvellous erotic experience.

Sexy massage girl will use one of her techniques by her own naked whole body putting pressure on your oily body gliding with her big firm breast giving you slippery most erotic body rub you deserve giving you sensation of euphoria and teasing pleasure.

During her skillful body to body massage service masseuse and you are both naked this allows you to experience a true blissful enjoyment while feeling slippery bodies pressing against each other, you can feel her smooth soft skin gently gliding while sexy girl is doing body 2 body rub.

You can experience the massage of naked masseuse using her whole body when she spreads the warm oil on your back with her large breasts and naked body , feel her sexy hips movement when her naked body is gliding over your body making both oily and slippery. Now is your chance to experience this exciting erotic sensation that you probably saw only in massage sex movies, but in reality is sensational state of true bliss.

This Tantra massage session will start first with relaxing full body massage , feel the warm palms luxuriating over your back and shoulders removing all the tension and make you at ease. Following will be sensual nude body 2 body lathering over your body. Gorgeous massage girl will use different ways to arouse you, you can feel the pressure of her large breasts against your back or her whole naked body lying on top of you, gentle kisses in your neck and using her fingers to caress gently between your thighs. Masseuse will let you experience the whole here Tantric technique that has her own unique style. There fore with each massage girl you can experience every time something new. The end of this highly erotic massage will be completed with enormous happy ending that leaves you fully relaxed and reenergised at the same time. Indulge yourself in this intense sensual pleasure of body to body massage while you are staying in Paris hotel or home. At Yinyang massage Paris masseuse can arrive discreetly dressed within 1h at your door our outcall service is available till 2AM even after business dinner is still not too late to receive this wonderful erotic experience.